On this page we will be listing details of the pre-circulated materials (reading, viewing, listening) for each session of the seminar. Readings can be accessed on our Moodle site. For non-members of Cambridge University, please email imm21@cam.ac.uk to be added as a friend to this site. Members of the institution can self-enrol.

Tactics for doing feminist work in the academy (21/05/2021)

Victoria Horne and Amy Tobin, 'An Unfinished Revolution in Art Historiography, or How to Write a Feminist Art History', Feminist Review, vol. 107, issue 1, 2014, pp. 75–83.

Heidi Mirza, ‘Decolonizing Higher Education: Black Feminism and the Intersectionality of Race and Gender’, Journal of Feminist scholarship, issue 7/8, 2015, pp. 1–12.

Clare Daněk (24/01/2020)

Tanggaard, L. (2018). 'In Between: Creative Spaces and Detours as Part of a Researcher’s Life'. In C. Wegener, N. Meier, & E. Maslo (Eds.), Cultivating Creativity in Methodology and Research: In Praise of Detours  (1 ed., Vol. 1, pp. 57-69). Schweitz: Palgrave Macmillan.

Lucy Lippard (2010 [1978]) ‘Making Something from Nothing’ (toward a definition of women’s ‘hobby art’) Heresies 4 (1978), reproduced in: G. Adamson, ed. (2010). The Craft Reader. Oxford: Berg.

For examples of Clare's work, see her website and her Twitter profile

Christian Mieves (14/02/2020)

Fortnum, Rebecca (2008) 'On Not Knowing, How Artists Think'. In: On Not Knowing, How Artists Think, 29 June 2009, Kettles Yard, Cambridge . [Creative Arts and Design i Fine Art] (Unpublished symposium paper)

Sennett, Richard (2008), 'Resistance and Ambiguity'. In The Craftsman. New Haven: Yale University Press. pp.214-238.

Carol Mavor & Esther Teichmann (28/02/2020)

Carol Mavor, 'Magpie Daddy'

Reading: two Emily Dickinson poems
1. 'Hope is a thing with feathers', original ms and transcription
2. 'One bird', original ms on an envelope flap and transcription.

Esther Teichmann, 'On Sleeping and Drowning'

Reading: 'Heavy the sea' (zine)

optional further reading:
Maurice Blanchot, 'The Outside, Night', in The Space of Literature, trans. Ann Smock (University of Nebraska Press, 1982)
Jean-Luc Nancy, 'To Fall Asleep', in The Fall of Sleep, trans. Charlotte Mandell (Fordham University Press, 2009).

Tricia Sutton (06/03/2020)

"The healing powers of Imagination", in McNiff, S (2004) Art Heals: how creativity cures the soul. Boston: Shambhala Publications, Ch 23 (p.221-229)

"Reflective Lifeworld research approach", Dahlberg, Dahlberg & Nystrom (2008) in Vagle, M (2018) Crafting Phenomenological Research. 2nd ed. New York: Routledge, (p. 66-69)

"Autoethnography, ethics and making your baby cry", Tamas, S. (2011). Cultural Studies <=> Critical methodologies DOI: 1177/1532708611409542 (p.1-7)

Laura McMahon (18/10/2019)

Dr Laura McMahon, University of Cambridge, 'music/cinema/life'

Book Lovers - Broadcast
Illumination - Broadcast
The Watch Ticks On - Red Red Eyes
Theorematic – Red Red Eyes

Julio Cortázar (available on our Moodle site)

'Instructions on how to sing'
'Preamble to the instructions on how to wind a watch'
'Instructions on how to wind a watch'

Catherine Dormor (1/11/2019)

Julia Bryan-Wilson, 2017, Fray: Art & Textile Politics. University of Chicago Press.  Chapter 2,  'Threads of Protest' (pp109-142).

Natasha Tanna (29/11/2019)

[n.b. Teach-out session, held as part of the UCU industrial action]

‘Introduction: Bringing Feminist Theory Home’ from Sara Ahmed’s Living a Feminist Life, 2017, Duke and London: Duke University Press, pp. 1–18

‘The Writer’s Desk’ from Les Back’s Academic Diary: Or Why Higher Education Still Matters, 2016, London: Goldsmiths Press, pp. 190–94