On this page we will be listing details of the pre-circulated materials (reading, viewing, listening) for each session of the seminar. Readings can be accessed on our Moodle site. For non-members of Cambridge University, please email imm21@cam.ac.uk to be added as a friend to this site. Those within the institution can self-enrol.

Laura McMahon (18/10/2019)

Dr Laura McMahon, University of Cambridge, 'music/cinema/life'

Book Lovers - Broadcast
Illumination - Broadcast
The Watch Ticks On - Red Red Eyes
Theorematic – Red Red Eyes

Julio Cortázar (available on our Moodle site)

'Instructions on how to sing'
'Preamble to the instructions on how to wind a watch'
'Instructions on how to wind a watch'

Catherine Dormor (1/11/2019)

Julia Bryan-Wilson, 2017, Fray: Art & Textile Politics. University of Chicago Press.  Chapter 2,  'Threads of Protest' (pp109-142).

Natasha Tanna (29/11/2019)

[n.b. Teach-out session, held as part of the UCU industrial action]

‘Introduction: Bringing Feminist Theory Home’ from Sara Ahmed’s Living a Feminist Life, 2017, Duke and London: Duke University Press, pp. 1–18

‘The Writer’s Desk’ from Les Back’s Academic Diary: Or Why Higher Education Still Matters, 2016, London: Goldsmiths Press, pp. 190–94