On this page we list details of the pre-circulated materials (reading, viewing, listening) for each session of the seminar. Readings can be accessed on our Moodle site. For non-members of Cambridge University, please email [email protected] to be added as a friend to this site. Members of the institution can self-enrol.

Sura Qadiri (05/05/2023) 

Qadiri, Sura. 2023. 'The Future is in the Making' (French Studies 75th Anniversary Prize Essay). French Studies, 77:1, pp.105-111. [available on Moodle]

Jordan Nassar
Ekta Kaul
Textile Tours of Paris

Care As Resistance (10/02/2023)

'Towards a Femme Pedagogy, Or Making Space for Trauma in the Classroom', Morgan Bimm and Margeaux Feldman, in MAI: A Journal of Feminism and Visual Culture, Feminist Pedagogies, Winter 2020.

'Caring Kinships', The Care Collective, from The Care Manifesto: The Politics of Interdependence (London: Verson, 2020), pp.33-44 [extract available on Moodle].

'For Slow Scholarship: A Feminist Politics of Resistance Through Collective Action in the Neoliberal University', Alison Mounton et al., ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies, 14(4), 1235–1259. 2015.

Katy Drake and Katherine van Uytrecht (14/10/2022) 

'Reading The Margins: Embedded Narratives in Feminist Personal Zines', Anne Hays, Journal of Popular Culture, Vol 50, No.1, 2017.'

'The Re-Vision of Printmaking', Kathryn Reeves, in IMPACT International Multi-disciplinary Printmaking Conference Proceedings, eds, Parraman, Carinna and Brewer, Emmeline, Bristol: Impact Press, 1999.

Davina Quinlivan (24/06/2022) 

Reading: 'Silverwood', from Davina Quinlivan's book Shalimar, excerpt published in The Willowherb Review, Issue 4: Tracts.

Wanja Kimani  (11/03/2022)

Viewing: Tongues by Wanja Kimani (2021)
Reading: Tongues (book) by Wanja Kimani (2021)

Feminist Histories of Feminist Collectivity (11/02/2022)

'Whose History?', Lis Rhodes (text available on Moodle - contact us if you need access)

Crafting a story of music-movement pedagogy (26/11/2021)

Should you wish to read something before the meeting, Le Rythme, is an annually produced international journal for researchers and practitioners in the field of Eurhythmics.

Three short articles of particular relevance for the seminar workshop, from the 2019 edition, are:

  •  Karin Greenhead: Hidden in Plain Sight? Challenges to the Understanding of Dalcroze Eurhythmics Today (p.23)
  • Marja-Leena Juntunen: Dalcroze Eurhythmics - a Method, an Approach, a Pedagogy or a Philosophy? (p. 49)
  • John Habron’s Dalcroze and Disciplinarity (p. 90)

Tactics for doing feminist work in the academy (21/05/2021)

Victoria Horne and Amy Tobin, 'An Unfinished Revolution in Art Historiography, or How to Write a Feminist Art History', Feminist Review, vol. 107, issue 1, 2014, pp. 75–83.

Heidi Mirza, ‘Decolonizing Higher Education: Black Feminism and the Intersectionality of Race and Gender’, Journal of Feminist scholarship, issue 7/8, 2015, pp. 1–12.

Clare Daněk (24/01/2020)

Tanggaard, L. (2018). 'In Between: Creative Spaces and Detours as Part of a Researcher’s Life'. In C. Wegener, N. Meier, & E. Maslo (Eds.), Cultivating Creativity in Methodology and Research: In Praise of Detours  (1 ed., Vol. 1, pp. 57-69). Schweitz: Palgrave Macmillan.

Lucy Lippard (2010 [1978]) ‘Making Something from Nothing’ (toward a definition of women’s ‘hobby art’) Heresies 4 (1978), reproduced in: G. Adamson, ed. (2010). The Craft Reader. Oxford: Berg.

For examples of Clare's work, see her website and her Twitter profile

Christian Mieves (14/02/2020)

Fortnum, Rebecca (2008) 'On Not Knowing, How Artists Think'. In: On Not Knowing, How Artists Think, 29 June 2009, Kettles Yard, Cambridge . [Creative Arts and Design i Fine Art] (Unpublished symposium paper)

Sennett, Richard (2008), 'Resistance and Ambiguity'. In The Craftsman. New Haven: Yale University Press. pp.214-238.

Carol Mavor & Esther Teichmann (28/02/2020)

Carol Mavor, 'Magpie Daddy'

Reading: two Emily Dickinson poems
1. 'Hope is a thing with feathers', original ms and transcription
2. 'One bird', original ms on an envelope flap and transcription.

Esther Teichmann, 'On Sleeping and Drowning'

Reading: 'Heavy the sea' (zine)

optional further reading:
Maurice Blanchot, 'The Outside, Night', in The Space of Literature, trans. Ann Smock (University of Nebraska Press, 1982)
Jean-Luc Nancy, 'To Fall Asleep', in The Fall of Sleep, trans. Charlotte Mandell (Fordham University Press, 2009).

Tricia Sutton (06/03/2020)

"The healing powers of Imagination", in McNiff, S (2004) Art Heals: how creativity cures the soul. Boston: Shambhala Publications, Ch 23 (p.221-229)

"Reflective Lifeworld research approach", Dahlberg, Dahlberg & Nystrom (2008) in Vagle, M (2018) Crafting Phenomenological Research. 2nd ed. New York: Routledge, (p. 66-69)

"Autoethnography, ethics and making your baby cry", Tamas, S. (2011). Cultural Studies <=> Critical methodologies DOI: 1177/1532708611409542 (p.1-7)

Laura McMahon (18/10/2019)

Dr Laura McMahon, University of Cambridge, 'music/cinema/life'

Book Lovers - Broadcast
Illumination - Broadcast
The Watch Ticks On - Red Red Eyes
Theorematic – Red Red Eyes

Julio Cortázar (available on our Moodle site)

'Instructions on how to sing'
'Preamble to the instructions on how to wind a watch'
'Instructions on how to wind a watch'

Catherine Dormor (1/11/2019)

Julia Bryan-Wilson, 2017, Fray: Art & Textile Politics. University of Chicago Press.  Chapter 2,  'Threads of Protest' (pp109-142).

Natasha Tanna (29/11/2019)

[n.b. Teach-out session, held as part of the UCU industrial action]

‘Introduction: Bringing Feminist Theory Home’ from Sara Ahmed’s Living a Feminist Life, 2017, Duke and London: Duke University Press, pp. 1–18

‘The Writer’s Desk’ from Les Back’s Academic Diary: Or Why Higher Education Still Matters, 2016, London: Goldsmiths Press, pp. 190–94